About Cano

Hi there!
Im Cano and im a street photographer from mexico.
I have been a street photographer since about two years now and my only regret about that is that i could started earlier but well, long story.

This will be my main page i think because flickr wont let me put too many more photos on it.

Beside this page i have another page in facebook that i created to spread the street photography in my city www.facebook.com/EnsenadaStreetPhotography 
Also you can follow me on Flickr.

Probably one of the main question to a photographer would it be: ¨Dude, what gear do you have?¨ Or, ¨Dude, whats on your bag?¨
Well,  i have…
-Lower pro messenger bag
-Nikon D5000
-Nikon kit lens (18-55mm, 3.5-5)
-Olympus stylusepic(film point&shoot)
-Vivitar Flash 3500 ¨something¨
-Minolta SRT 101 with 50 and 105 mm rokkor lens (this was my main before a get the Nikon but now i barely use it)

Thats a pretty modest gear but its enough for me right now .



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