Third anniversary post.

I was going to post in my other blog wich is kind of cyber dairy blog (in spanish tho, wich is my main language) and that notification came up.
Third anniversary and I realize that I didn’t even publish one photo this year (I think).
Oh my god!
So I decided that I’m going back to the streets at least once before the year ends and go back more often in 2015.

The main reason why I let this blog down is that I play in a band and this year was OUR year.
We played in a lot of places, open up for a really big band of Mexico (arriba Mexico, chingado!), went to another city to play in a gig (my first road trip. Yay!) and we are planning to record our first album.
Music was my first love and it took me almost eleven years to get up here and really, I don’t want to get down just yet.
But with photography it took me almost two years to be kind of recognized so… I can’t let this boat sink neither!

I don’t know how but I’m gonna make some time to music, my job, my school, social life and street photography.
What is life without a little challenge?


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